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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Seattle, WA

We drove in from Bellingham to Seattle. I slept the whole trip. Cutting loose at the wedding I think had taken it's toll on me.

We arrived at the venue early and had to wait to load in. It was the first sunny day in Washington since Sequim (the first show in Washington). We waited at the coffee shop next door till the club owner arrived.

We quickly loaded in and had sound check. We had an early set that evening since the club was originally an art gallery they do an early Sunday matinee show.

We grabbed dinner at an italian restaurant and headed back to play. The opener was a singer/songwriter and a poet. They were great and extremely friendly.

We played a little over an hour to a small but, vocal crowd. The owner was happy (Chad who plays for No Quarter) and the crowd gave us positive feedback. Chad showed us around the facility after and connected to the club he has an amazing recording studio.

We had a good time- great production and friendly people.

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