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Friday, May 28, 2010

Digital Download Now Available!

After many many technical problems (not on our end). The newest single is available for digital download! It will cost you a whopping 99 cents! What else can you get for a dollar these days? It seems like a bargain to me. It is money well spent.

Pintech Newsletter

Pintech announced in their most recent newsletter that I am now a part of the Pintech family.

Have a look at the newsletter and visit www.edrum.com and check out Pintech.
They have an amazing line of products.

You can catch them in action very soon. We will be adding shows A.S.A.P. Stay Tuned!

LCA/Red Light Symphony Partnership Announcement

Recently The Lung Cancer Alliance sent out their E Alert and officially announced the partnership with myself and Red light Symphony.

We are very hopeful to raise money and awareness about this issue. You can contribute by purchasing our current single on CDBaby.com or visit www.redlightsymphony.com and visit our store and 10% of your purchase will go to LCA.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Searching For The Sky

Alright I have to admit my studio blogging has been a bust. I have not kept up with it as I had hoped. I will try to do better.

The good news is the first single "Searching For The Sky" is now available for your listening pleasure. I'm also glad to have it out there for you folks to enjoy and out of my head.

It includes the great playing of some very talented musicians. Check it out! here