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Sunday, August 9, 2009


We arrived in Olympia fairly early and had a lot of time on our hands so we walked around quite a bit. We were not to go on at The 4th Ave. Ale House until close to 10 pm. We checked into the hotel and relaxed until about 6 pm when it was time for load in.

We had some great Thai food on 4th Ave. at a place called Angels that was recommended to us by a local.

Everything was on schedule and normal when we started to set up on stage. We waited for the opener to strike their equipment. We got set up quickly and made some stage volume adjustments and looked at each other and started playing. Within a minute or two it started to sound like a jet engine. I had to turn up my stage volume and from the monitor system was deafening feedback.We stopped in order for the sound engineer to correct it. The monitor mix never got fixed and the feedback got worse. Holden got shocked about the 5th song in. We decided at that point to call it a night and head back to the hotel.

We went to Music 6000 the local music store (non-chain). They couldn't have been cooler or more helpful.

My experience with Olympia wasn't all bad and there are some very cool people in Olympia.

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