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Monday, August 17, 2009

2009 N.W. Summer Tour Summary

I just wanted to write a blog to give a brief summary or my opinion of the tour.

I am writing this entry a few days after the completion of the tour. I think it gives me a little more perspective on what happened and some sleep and stop trying to figure out what day it is. On the road you lose grasp of those things - current events etc. You live in a bubble unloading, playing, loading, sleeping, traveling, trying to shower when you can and eat when you can.

I had an amazing time and would and will be doing this again (sooner than later). Holden and Eric are two genuine people who are cool and pretty laid back. I enjoyed my time playing with them and wish them the best of luck on their future endeavors. Our paths may or may not cross again (musically) but, it was fun while it lasted. They will always remain friends.

I met many amazing, friendly and giving people in those 18 days. There are a lot of of great people who appreciate musicians and live music in general. Every town is different and has it's own unique vibe and energy.

Hope all the people that caught one of our shows had an amazing time and will catch The Holden Young Trio again.

I hope to post some audio and video from our performances on my website very soon. Check my website out and the website for The Holden Young Trio. You can download their latest CD from their website for free spread the word.

I enjoy what I do and live for the music.

Peace and love, Jason

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